Songfei Industrial Group Ltd (hereafter as “Songfei”) has grown from its predecessor Guangzhou Songfei Zhuhang Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd. It have a registered capital of 120 million RMB. Songfei specialises in heliport construction and other airport-related business operations. We own 5 subsidiary companies and 2 branch offices, with one in Beijing and and other in Shanghai. We have a comprehensive range of professional teams in engineering and design, installation and construction, research and manufacturing, sales and marketing, and customer and after-sales service. Songfei is a high-tech enterprise, we have been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, and on 25th April 2018, Songfei has been successfully listed on the regional equity trading market, (Stock abbreviated name: Songfei Industrial, Stock code: 892263).

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Songfei Industrial Group Limited
Tel: +86-185-88822242
Address: Ground Floor, Building A, Shangying Innovation Plaza, 72 National Highway 106 (G106), Baiyun District, Guangzhou, CHINA
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